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Why rely on expensive, traditional landline solutions that require huge up-front capital costs and do not meet the requirements of today’s mobile economy? Our Hosted PBX VoIP systems feature:

  • Simple Online Controls – to add/remove lines and features
  • Ability to Scale Easily – nearly unlimited customization possibilities
  • Predictable Costs – that are lower than traditional systems
  • Complete Business Functionality – over 40 calling features
  • Reliable of Service – through the internet

This powerful cloud-based phone system uses a company’s existing data connection and wiring. Best of all, on-site PBX hardware is not required.

Companies like yours across the nation have discovered that they can be more productive by leveraging the mobility of VoIP phone systems to equip remote employees, work from home employees, and traveling staff to work seamlessly from their locations with full-feature office phones.

VoIP represents a giant leap forward in boosting coordination and collaboration within your business. Your staff will be able to stay in contact better and be more productive by using softphone apps – that are fully integrated into your business phone system – on any mobile device to make deals and complete sales.

Get ahead of the competition & free your employees from the desk phones with Auspicious VoIP phone systems! Contact us today at (845)-444-5333 or info@auspiciousbs.com