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Technology training is offered on the following topics:

  • Microsoft Office-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and OneNote
  • Office365-Cloud-based version of Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks-The QuickBooks Online version of the accounting software is also covered
  • Email Communications-Marketing and sales emails along with the basics of Gmail, Outlook, and more
  • HIPAA-Privacy rules for organizations
  • Sharepoint-Instruction on collaborative work environment tools
  • Many More.

Benefits Of Auspicious Business Solutions, LLC.’s Technology Training

  • Budget Friendly-Online technology training courses will cost less than courses in a traditional learning environment. There are no space or equipment rentals are needed with e-learning. No travel expenses are associated with online learning either. Another consideration is businesses won’t have to pay an in-house trainer’s salary since they are outsourcing the IT training.
  • Collaborative Environment-No one is excluded since technology training can often be done online, even with staffers and trainees living in different geographical areas.
  • Accessibility-Training can be done at any time and any day of the week. Less scheduling headaches will crop up as you attempt to prepare employees for the installation of new software programs. Courses are searchable and on demand in a virtual learning classroom.
  • Multiple Platform Support-Courses are available to view on any type of device with Internet access. This includes a PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. Pricing is per user, allowing clients to access technology training on different devices at any given time.
  • Minimum Time Commitment-Training seminars will not take hours of valuable company time. Micro e-learning is the hottest trend in online training. This technique allows for training to occur in short, easy to grasp bursts.

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