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Ultimate Protection

Many employees take their work out of the office with them. Today, the majority of business dealings are handled on smartphones and tablets. With a mobile security plan managed by our team, we will protect all critical data exchanged via email and online communications.

Mobile devices can also present network vulnerabilities. Our software prevents malware and viruses from penetrating your network. All company devices will have the latest antivirus software installed and updates applied automatically.

Another feature of our mobile security solutions is the ability to remotely wipe data from devices in the case of loss or theft. Cameras and Bluetooth on mobile devices may also be locked to better protect company data.

More Control

With mobile device management tools, employers can have increased control over the devices provided through company funds. The software allows employers to restrict access to certain websites and applications that are non-work related. This money-saving tool increases overall staff productivity.

Monitoring permits employers to review their staff’s mobile activity at any given moment. Certain mobile activities can also be restricted such as roaming, pairing, and account management.

Synchronization Tools

Make sure your entire team is on the same page with the mobile device tools included in our packages. All devices can be synced to share information through the Microsoft Office platform and additional applications. All devices are also optimized to help them run efficiently at all times.

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