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Microsoft Office 365

With our installation and support services for Office365, your team will start collaborating on projects at any time of day and at any location. All of the latest Microsoft productivity tools are included, but with added cloud support. Office365 applications are consistently updated with features such as content sharing, virtual storage, online meetings, and calendar syncing.

Office 365 Backup

Don’t ever worry about losing invaluable data in the cloud. With our Office365 backup service, all of your employees’ information is saved automatically in the cloud. This includes emails, calendars, and OneDrive files. If any critical data is deleted or damaged irreparably, our service will backup any lost information quickly to allow your team to get back to work.

Hosted Infrastructure

Hosting services on the cloud allows businesses to keep their websites on virtual servers instead of physical servers. This type of server permits more flexibility on the types of software that can be used. A hosted infrastructure allows for more options on how organizations install and manage applications on the network. There’s added safety in being on a virtual server since there isn’t a complete reliance on one single physical server.

Cyber Security

With cyber security on the cloud, Auspicious Business Solutions is consistently monitoring your network. Cloud cyber security tools are always up to date with protection against the latest threats. Not only will the security tools prevent a breach, but also rapidly detect any malware. The quick detection allows our response team to take the necessary steps for business continuity and disaster recovery.

SAAS Backup

Not all cloud-computing services are created equally. Many organizations mistakenly believe that while working in the cloud, all of their data is automatically backed up. However, Auspicious Business Solutions employs the best practices required for saving and backing up content within the cloud.

File Syncing and Sharing

File sharing and syncing is a component of our extensive catalog of cloud services. Our solution acts as another way to ensure your employees’ files are easily shareable across devices. With cloud-based syncing, all permitted team members are working on the latest project versions.

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