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Need for Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

In the simplest of terms, all firms require backups and disaster recovery. Backups are essential in the case of lost data due to accidental deletions or computer systems failure. If there is a computer systems crash, you will also need disaster recovery. With disaster recovery services, we help you retrieve any lost data and get your business fully operational once again.

A backup and disaster recovery plan in place is essential to minimize company risk. Not only can recovering from a system failure turn into a financial burden, but also can hurt your company’s reputation. You will lose future clients if prospects discover you have not taken the proper steps to protect their data. Many firms find that they are unable to bounce back after an IT disaster strikes, especially in cases when more than a day’s worth of data is lost. Recent studies have shown that over 40 percent of businesses that suffer a major data loss are unable to recover and reopen their doors. Companies can also be found liable if sensitive customer data is lost due to system failure.

How Auspicious Business Solutions Can Help

We want to give all of our clients peace of mind as we protect and backup their system data. Not only will we get your data backed up on a local server, but also have backups available on the cloud.

As part of our disaster recovery services, we launch virtual machines in multiple formats to restore operations. Virtual machines are implemented locally, within the virtual infrastructure, in the cloud, or via the hybrid cloud. This process allows for database and local file restoration.

Auspicious Business Solutions has partnered with several companies who provide continuity services. Our recommendations will be based on whether your firm requires a time-based retention plan or an infinite retention plan. Businesses in certain sectors require infinite backup and recovery procedures to stay within compliance.

Pricing is affordable and tailored to your specific requirements. The amount you pay will depend on how much data need backed up and the type of backups. Local data backups work well for accidental deletions as well as environmental concerns, such as fire and flooding incidences. Cloud backups offer even more of a guarantee since they are kept completely offsite.

Don’t let unreliable or inadequate data backups cost you everything you’ve worked so hard for. Contact us today at info@auspiciousbs.com or (845) 444-5333. We’re the IT experts local businesses trust.